Dog Behaviour Training Gold Coast

  • Is your dog rude at home, rushing to the door and barking like crazy when someone knocks? 
  • Is your dog jumping on guests when they enter your home or excessively seeking attention?
  • Does your dog embarrass you with antisocial or obnoxious behaviour in public, dragging you around to sniff and pee on everything? 
  • Does your dog ignore your commands or wont come when called?
  • Do you feel like you can’t walk your dog any more because of their strong leash pulling or reactive behaviour towards other dogs or people?

Living with a dog which has behavioural issues can be annoying at the very least and dangerous at worst. Making it hard to have guests over, include your dog in activities or even do simple tasks like visiting the vets or the groomers (or even washing your dog yourself).

Our dog behaviour training in Gold Coast can help. We’ll help you to improve your dogs obedience, eliminate bad behaviours, and make your life together enjoyable, safe and fun.

Want to get your dog’s behaviour under control and begin enjoying the benefits of a well mannered, safe and reliable dog?

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Common Dog Behaviour Problems

A lot of companion dogs suffer from problem behaviours, which can cause a lot of stress and trouble for their owners. 

Some of the most common problems faced by dog owners include:

  • Reactivity (barking, lunging, reacting negatively towards dogs or people)
  • Excessive barking or howling when alone or to get attention
  • Begging for or stealing food
  • Chewing or scratching the furniture
  • Digging up the garden
  • Chasing people, vehicles, and other animals
  • Toileting inside the house
  • Jumping up on people.

Luckily, our dog behaviour training helps dogs and their owners overcome these behaviours and begin living their best lives together. A dog free of behaviour issues is a happy, stable, sociable and reliable dog; which benefits the whole family!

Looking for Dog Behaviour Training on the Gold Coast?

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