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Puppy Preschool
Group Dog Training Classes

Are you a proud new puppy parent? Are you looking to provide your furry friend with the best start in life? Look no further than Puppy Preschool at Top Dog School in South Brisbane.

Our expert trainers are dedicated to helping your puppy develop essential skills, socialise with other dogs, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of happiness and obedience.

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Why Choose Top Dog School
for Puppy Preschool Classes?

Experienced and Certified Trainers:

Our trainers are certified professionals with years of experience in dog training. They understand the unique needs of puppies and use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure effective and enjoyable learning experiences.

Fun and Engaging Activities:

Learning should be fun! Our Puppy Preschool program incorporates various interactive activities and games to keep your puppy engaged and excited about the learning process. We believe that a positive and enjoyable experience leads to better results.

Safe and Controlled Environment:

We provide a safe and controlled environment where your puppy can interact with other dogs and humans under expert supervision. This helps them build confidence and learn appropriate behaviors in various social situations.

Positive Learning Atmosphere:

Our classes promote a positive and supportive learning environment, where both you and your dog can thrive. We emphasize the importance of building trust, communication, and a strong bond with your furry friend.

Holistic Approach:

At Top Dog School, we take a holistic approach to puppy training. We focus not only on obedience skills but also on promoting your puppy's physical and mental well-being. Our trainers provide guidance on nutrition, grooming, and general care to help your puppy thrive.

Continued Support:

Our commitment to your puppy's success doesn't end with the completion of Puppy Preschool. We offer continued support and guidance, ensuring a smooth transition into further training programs or advanced classes.

Our Puppy Preschool Class Curriculum Includes:

Proper socialisation with people, other dogs, sights and sounds.

Basic obedience commands (sit, down, come, crate training)

Relaxed compliance (physical handling exercises for vet and grooming visits)

Problem-solving for common behavioral issues (jumping, chewing, barking)

Leash manners and loose leash walking

Impulse control and focus exercises

How to Enrol

Enrolling your puppy in Puppy Preschool is easy! Simply Click Below and fill out the enrollment form. Our friendly staff will reach out to you to confirm your enrollment.

Don't wait! Give your puppy the best start in life with Puppy Preschool at Top Dog School in South Brisbane. Contact us today to secure your puppy's spot in our next class.

Remember, a well-trained and socialized puppy is a happy puppy!