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Group Obedience Training Brisbane

Unleash your dog's full potential with our top-rated dog obedience training in South Brisbane (North Brisbane Coming Soon).

Our expert trainers will provide comprehensive training to help your dog or puppy become well-behaved and obedient.

Achieve Paw-some Results:
Choose Top Dog School for Group Obedience Training!

Welcome to Top Dog School, the leading provider of exceptional dog obedience classes in South Brisbane. Our highly skilled trainers are dedicated to helping you build a strong bond with your four-legged companion while teaching them essential obedience skills.

Whether you have a mischievous puppy or a rambunctious adult dog, our classes are designed to transform their behavior and bring out their best qualities. Discover the transformative power of our dog obedience training and unlock a harmonious relationship with your beloved pet.

South Brisbane Dog Training:
Top Quality Group Obedience Training Classes

Puppy Preschool

( Puppy Socialisation & Obedience )

Primary Pups

( Foundations Level Obedience )

Highschool Hounds

( Intermediate Level Obedience )

College Canines

( Advanced Level Obedience )

Why Choose Our
Dog Obedience Classes

Experienced and Certified Trainers:

Our trainers possess extensive experience and certifications in dog training techniques, ensuring the highest level of expertise and professionalism

Comprehensive Obedience Training:

From basic commands like sit, stay, and come, to more advanced skills, our classes cover a wide range of obedience training exercises to develop a well-mannered and obedient dog.

Small Class Sizes:

To provide individual attention and effective training, we maintain small class sizes, allowing us to focus on each dog's progress and address any specific challenges they may face.

Positive Learning Atmosphere:

Our classes promote a positive and supportive learning environment, where both you and your dog can thrive. We emphasize the importance of building trust, communication, and a strong bond with your furry friend.

Our Group Obedience Training Curriculum Includes:

Proper socialization with people, other dogs, sights and sounds.

Basic to advanced obedience commands i.e (sit, stay, down, come, heel)

Leash manners and loose leash walking

Impulse control and focus exercises

Problem-solving for common behavioral issues (jumping, chewing, barking)

Advanced obedience skills (off-leash commands, distance commands)

How to Enrol

Click Below to enroll into any of our available dog obedience classes, from Puppy Preschool all the way to College Canines.

Spaces are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your dog's behavior and strengthen your bond.

Join our classes today and experience the joy of owning a well-trained, obedient, and happy dog.