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Welcome to Top Dog Pawformance, where passion meets expertise in the world of dog training. Meet our dedicated founder and managing director, Nicole Joy, a seasoned NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation) certified dog trainer with an impressive nine years of experience.

Nicole's journey began with her beloved companion, Brock, a spirited husky cross staffy, who has been her loyal sidekick and inspiration for nine and a half years.

Meet Nicole Joy from Top Dog Pawformance: A Leader in Canine Training

Nicole's commitment to canine well-being is evident in her extensive training background. Her journey into the world of dog training started with a foundation rooted in farm life, surrounded by her grandfather's working border collies. Witnessing her grandfather's dedication and success in training collies for farm work and national sheep herding championships in New Zealand fueled Nicole's passion for the art of dog training.

top dog pawformance nicole and brock

Certified Expertise and Experience

Nicole is not just a dog lover; she's a certified expert in the field.

As an NDTF certified dog trainer, she has honed her skills through a diverse range of experiences.

With a wealth of knowledge gained from workshops and seminars covering various aspects of dog training and behavior, Nicole is well-versed in behavior modification, advanced competition-style obedience training, and the specialised training required for assistance and therapy dog roles.

top dog pawformance nicole and brock

Passionate about Coaching and Teaching

Nicole's passion lies in coaching and teaching dog owners to become their own dog's trainer.

With a focus on building the skills of dog owners, Nicole empowers individuals to create a strong bond with their canine companions.

Her approach goes beyond basic obedience, aiming to enhance the overall well-being, welfare, and happiness of our dogs.

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A Personal Touch: Brock's Influence

Brock, Nicole's second in command, plays a significant role in shaping Top Dog Pawformance.

As a husky cross staffy, Brock brings his unique personality and experiences to the training process.

The bond between Nicole and Brock serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the training methods employed at Top Dog Pawformance.

Why Choose Top Dog Pawformance?
We blend expertise with a deep understanding of the human-canine connection. Our training methods are not just about obedience; they are about creating a fulfilling relationship between you and your dog. With Nicole at the helm, you can trust Top Dog Pawformance to provide top-tier training that goes beyond expectations.

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Join us in creating a harmonious partnership with your furry friend.

At Top Dog Pawformance, we're not just trainers; we're advocates for the happiness and well-being of every canine companion.

Let us embark on this journey together – because every dog deserves a top-tier pawformance!
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