Why Place Train Your Dog?


What does it mean to place train your dog? Why should you place train your dog? 

1. Reliable Obedience and Impulse Control

Having a solid “place” obedience command, not only helps build your dog’s independence and impulse control, but also can make teaching your dog to be calm around guests or taking your dog to the office, much safer and easier.

A dog with solid impulse control and a reliable place command is an easy dog to take anywhere and a joy to have around both inside and outside as well as at dog friendly cafes, dog friendly bars and breweries and dog friendly events.

2. More Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Once you’ve taught your dog a solid place command, you can then start using your dogs obedience training for fun while out on walks with your dog, by taking advantage of raised surfaces and uneven surfaces used as a “place”. This can help with building your dogs confidence and trust in the handler, as well as provide “managed risk” and fun challenges for your dog – providing great canine enrichment.

3. Stop Your Dog From Jumping

When your dog is taught to go to their place and stay there, they’re then prevented from jumping up on guests, because your dog will learn that in order to receive their reward, they must remain “in behavior” on their place.

4. Stop Your Dog From Begging At The Dinner Table

When you teach your dog a solid place command; gone will be the days of your dog begging for food from the table. A place command will teach your dog that, no matter what’s going on, even if there’s a fresh roast turkey on the table, staying on their place is required of them.

On top of all the above benefits of place training your dog, there are even more great reason to teach this critical obedience command, such as:

  • Preventing your dog from bolting out of open doors (in conjunction with boundary manners training)
  • Gives your dog a comfortable spot to rest
  • Designates a “chill” zone where your dog learns to go to when they want space
  • Can be used to “targeting” and teaching your dog to go to different locations as a fun training exercise

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