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In Home Dog Training

Teach Your Puppy or Adult Dog To Be Their Best Self With In Home Dog Training.

You’ve realized your dream of getting a dog. They’re beautiful, goofy and fun. But life with a dog or puppy isn’t always as easy as you imagined. You can encounter a whole range of problems when it comes to dog behaviour. These can include issues such as:

Our in home, private dog training services teach you how to train your dog, preventing unwanted behaviors from becoming habits and saving you from the stress of severe behavioural and obedience problems with your dog, all from the comfort of your own home.

How In Home Dog Training Works

Using personalized, reward based methods, we can show you how to encourage good behaviour in your dog and get rid of the behaviours you don’t want. 

At Top Dog Pawformance, we have the experience and skills to transform your anxious, reactive or destructive dog into the well-mannered, easy to live with and enjoyable dog you’ve dreamed of! 

We’ve trained dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas, and we’re absolutely passionate about creating fun and fulfilling lives for dog owners and the 4 legged companions.

Why Our In Home Dog Training Lessons Work

Whatever the particular issues you and your dog are facing, we take the time to understand and tailor the training to meet both yours and your dog’s unique needs. All dogs and owners are different, so we provide fully customized, in home dog obedience training to reflect this.

One of the main advantages of in home dog training is that you and your dog are in familiar, comfortable surroundings, ensuring your and your dog are more relaxed and receptive to learning.

Our experts will come to you and observe your dog in your home environment, finding out what the problems are, and giving you the best solutions to solve your dogs obedience and behaviour issues for good!

We teach you to train your dog how to:

You will also have ongoing training support and guidance whenever you need it, when you train your dog with us, so you can enjoy a stress free and trusting relationship with your dog, knowing you’re on the right track with their training.

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