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Our Position Statement on COVID-19 (Corona Virus)


As the Corona Virus Pandemic grows in Australia, we’re all aware of the changes we’re having to make to prevent the further spread of illness, as well as the almost crushing economic pressure put on small businesses.


Being a small business ourselves, we’re now in a position where we must consider yours, our own and our businesses welfare.


To do that, we’ve implemented some changes, listed below, which will be in effect until further notice.


Initial Lessons

  • All initial lessons will now be conducted via Skype call.

Thankfully, the quality of video calls these days is brilliant.


With Skype video chat, we will still be able to assess your needs, your dog’s current level of training, the problems you’re facing and will still be able to demonstrate how to perform an exercise, then give feedback and direction on any adjustments needed when its your turn to demonstrate with your own dog.


Despite not having a face to face lesson, with our initial lessons conducted via Skype video chat, you’ll still make substantial progress on your obedience and behavior modification goals with your dog.


Private Lessons

  • All teams currently undertaking personalized Private Lesson Programs have had 6months added to the time in which they are able to redeem their lessons.
  • All lessons will be conducted “Hands off” by our trainers and outdoors.
  • Please keep a minimum of 2m distance between yourselves and our trainers at all times – this is to prevent and unnecessary risk of exposure via physical contact or droplets.


If you have any flu like symptoms

(or symptoms similar to those found here: )

Please follow the advice of the Australian Health Minister and self isolate, rescheduling your session for another time when you are well.


Boarding School (Board & Train)

  • Due to the nature of the virus, surviving on surfaces for up to 7days, we will not be taking any Boarding School registrations at this time.
  • Notifications will be made when our Boarding School services are available


Due to our Boarding School services being operated from our trainers own homes, we’ve decided to make the tough decision to halt all Boarding and Training services until further notice.


Online Training Courses

To make sure that you and your training goals with your dog aren’t put on halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we now offer online training courses.


Some of these courses include our “Chaos to Calm” , “Perfect Start Puppy Prep” , “Trick Master’s” courses, to only name a few.


Registration for our “Chaos to Calm” online training course, opens on Friday the 20th of March, with the first 5 registrants receiving a special surprise!


With all of this said, please stay safe during this time and make sure you’re putting your health and the health of your loved ones and those around you at the top of your priorities.


Nicole Joy
Founder & Head Trainer